The Importance of Sustainable Retail

Highland Hiddle is passionate about sustainable retail and supporting small, independent makers. We care about the environment and champion the benefits of buying handmade products rather than those which are mass produced.

Every year tonnes of clothing ends up being incinerated or sent to landfill, with tonnes of macro and micro plastic finding its way to our waterways and oceans. This is destroying our environment and the wildlife in it.

Handmade products made by small, independent makers are produced in very small volumes or often made to order, using local materials. The result is much less waste and a lower carbon footprint. Shopping in this way is completely transparent, and buyers know exactly where the products originate, who they are made by, and what they are made from.

We believe everyone has a responsibility to play their part in reducing their carbon footprint and waste products to help save our environment and wildlife. Highland Hiddle brings together small, independent makers from the Scottish Highlands and Islands to make it easier to buy handmade and more eco-friendly products. Not only is buying handmade a more sustainable choice, buyers also get a completely original and unique product made to last.

Find out more about our makers here.

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