Could 2021 Be the Year of Handmade Goods?

Traditionally, as we enter a new year we make resolutions: perhaps to give us a sense of purpose; something to work towards, or a new goal to achieve. Whatever they are, these resolutions often centre around changing our behaviour for the better. Giving up smoking, perhaps, losing weight, being more thoughtful towards family and friends, or even volunteering in our wider community.

In this day and age our resolution may well be to try and work towards reducing our carbon footprint. No surprise if that is so. We recently witnessed the virtual Climate Ambition Summit which brought together 75 leaders from around the world to galvanise international action towards a resilient, net zero emissions future. Later this year the United Kingdom will host the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow to seek to achieve commitments to urgent global climate action as opposed to simply ambitions in carbon footprint reductions.

Of course, all and any future successes of National Governments in achieving their commitments will depend in no small measure on the actions of each and every member of their populations. That comes down to us all and the decisions we make in our daily lives. To live we must consume: consume the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.

We no longer forage to consume. These days are long gone and we simply buy what we need. However, do we think consciously enough about what we buy: where it was made; who made it; of what is it made, and how many miles did it travel to reach its point of sale?

Highland Hiddle tries to provide an answer to some of these questions. Its marketplace features handmade products made largely from natural or recycled materials by individual craftspeople and dispatched directly to the purchaser with no intermediate wholesaler or retailer between. On top of which sits the creative skill and artistry of the maker and an arguably better quality product with, undoubtedly greener credentials. What’s not to like?

As consumers we have more power than perhaps we realise in successfully reducing the world’s carbon footprint and the increase in its temperature. Why don’t we begin using that power by making our new year’s resolution to buy as many handmade products as we can? Not JUST from Highland Hiddle either!

Happy New Year.

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