About Us

The Scottish Highlands and Islands has a rich artisan and cultural heritage from which has descended a plethora of highly talented, independent artists and crafts people spread widely across the region. The region itself covers a vast area and its magnificent yet remote landscape has few cities and big towns. Consequently, the range of arts and crafts being made there are largely only available in small, local, retail outlets, galleries, and craft fairs; meaning they are more often than not hidden from a wider audience.

Highland Hiddle has been set up to showcase the hidden treasures of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Highland Hiddle features the best hand-crafted products made by highly skilled, independent makers living and working throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The wholly original products featured on the site are unique treasures from the region, ideal as special gifts for you and those you love.

Highland Hiddle is passionate about sustainable retail and supporting small, independent makers. Buying handmade products leads to less waste and a lower carbon footprint through using local materials. You know exactly where the products originate, who they are made by, and what they are made from.

Browse through the site to see some of the finest arts and crafts the Scottish Highlands and Islands has to offer.