Why is Highland Hiddle Needed?

The Scottish Highlands and Islands covers a vast area and its magnificent yet remote landscape has few cities or big towns. Artists and crafters in the region are limited to small, local retail outlets, galleries, and craft fairs; meaning they are more often than not hidden from a wider audience. While many do have their own websites, the upkeep required to market and promote them is time better spent on making their arts and crafts.

Highland Hiddle brings together into one online marketplace many and varied products made by highly talented, independent artists and crafters of the region. By doing so, Highland Hiddle enables their products to be more easily accessed by potential buyers. This greater visibility brings vital new awareness and potential revenue for small, independent crafters of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Browse through Highland Hiddle to discover wholly original products and unique treasures from the region, ideal as special gifts for you and those you love.

Highland Hiddle is continually bringing onboard new artists, crafters and their beautiful crafts. Keep up to date with our latest news by subscribing to our newsletter

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Why is Highland Hiddle Needed?