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Hi, I'm Louise. In July 2019 we made a trip to Knoydart on the West Highlands of Scotland and we fell in love with it. We returned home, handed our notices in at work and put our house up for sale. I returned to Knoydart a month later for a total lifestyle change and haven’t looked back. We now live in Doune on Knoydart which is about as remote as you can get, live off grid half a mile from the nearest road and wake up every morning to the most beautiful scenery we could have ever imagined and go to bed looking at the best sunsets we have ever seen in the world. We are very lucky.

So onto the coffee 😊

CoffeeKnoydart is the next stage in my lifestyle change. I was hand roasting on the stove but wanted something better. I didn’t want to buy a fully programmed mass produced machine as these just don't give you the ability to feel what the roast is doing and we can't produce the amount of power needed to run these large machines.

After months of research and talking to a lot of people we found a company based in Cornwall who built their own roasting machines by hand. Because it's hand built we had to wait nearly a year for it, but it was worth waiting for and is an amazing machine. It gives me the ability to batch roast in small amounts but lets me have all the control. Everything is done by sight, sound and smell. The only way coffee should be roasted.

Why is coffeeknoydart unique ?

The beans you buy have been on an out of the ordinary journey.

Our beans are ethically sourced from around the world and arrive onto Knoydart by our local ferry service into Inverie. They are then delivered to our car by our incredible post girls. We then walk half a mile up a track gaining 400ft in the process to collect them. Then back down the hill with at least 20kg of green beans on our backs. The electricity powering our roaster is produced by our own Hydro and solar panels. Once roasted, rested and bagged, the beans then get put back on our backs, up the hill we go again, then a 6 mile drive to Inverie where they are sold through our community shop or sent out through our community post office back over the water and onward to you.

We hope you like and appreciate the journey the beans have gone through to get to you. Most of all we hope you like the taste.

All of our packaging is biodegradable and compostable.

Shipping policy

Orders are sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post and usually dispatched within 3-5 days. Shipping costs are per order with this seller. This sellers items are only available to be shipped to UK addresses.

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