Hi, I’m Paul, a graphic designer by trade, local part-time postie by opportunity, and candlemaker by design. I set up and run Skyelight Candles.

Skyelight is a small workshop in Staffin situated beneath the breathtaking Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye. Each day we are drawn to respond to the ever changing colours and light of the highland landscape, naturally this finds its way into everything we make. We create a range of fragrance tins and pillar candles, each one individually handmade and unique.

Our handmade fragrance tin candles bring the colours and scents of the Isle of Skye into your home. Each with a burn time of around 36 hours the gentle scents can relax, invigorate, freshen and generally making your home or office a better place to be.

Safety Information for our Candles.

Before lighting or relighting keep the wick trimmed to about 6mm (1/4").
 Never leave a candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
 Place tin on a heat resistant surface... the tin gets hot when lit! Do not move candles whilst still lit or when wax is still liquid. Allow headroom above the candle for heat to disperse. Ensure candles are burned away from flammable items. Candles should be burned away from other sources of heat, such as televisions and direct sunlight. Place lid on tin to extinguish. Do not blow them out. If you do have to blow them out, make sure your hand is cupped round the back of the flame to stop any sparks flying on to your table or carpet.

Shipping policy

Items are sent via Royal Mail and should arrive within 3-5 days. The postage cost will depend on how many items are in your order with this seller and is based on the weight of the order. In the UK the delivery charge is the same for up to 9 items. For orders outside the UK the delivery charge is the same for up to 2 items, but will be more for 3 + items.

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These are such lovely tin candles, and the scents delightful and they burn really well. I keep coming back for more!
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