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Hi, my name is Dagmar Larsen, I was born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland. I made Scotland my home in 2004 and now live on the Isle of Skye.

Sculpting grabbed me at a young age, and I have developed my own style over the years. I created the “Skye Imporium”, a wonderful wee world of mysterious beings that spring from my heart and hands. I try to capture the mystery of Skye by making my Imps magical and earthy, with a hint of Scottish-ness.

I always enhance my Imps by using natural bits and bobs I find when out and about, such as shells, feathers and driftwood, this gives them each their own identity. Just like our wildly varied Misty Isle, each Imp is different. They embody the heather, the rocks, the bogs, the trees, the sea; you might not see them, but they are all around us...

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