Florrie Felts

Hi, I'm Sheila, the felter behind Florrie Felts. I have lived and worked in different areas and islands of the Scottish Highlands, on and off all my life. I grew up surrounded by a love of texture, colour (especially in nature) and appreciation of textiles.

This led to a love affair with wool, which began not just with knitting but learning to spin & sourcing nature’s colours from the plants themselves. I am fortunate to be able to continue delving into our rich Scottish tradition in textiles; celebrating both the versatile properties of wool itself and other ethnic textile traditions through the ancient craft of feltmaking .The versatility of working with the raw fibre is very liberating. I have been honing my feltmaking skills for more than 20 years. Today I celebrate the many attributes of wool itself as well as it’s enduring sustainability at a time when we need to simplify our lives on our beautiful planet.

I use no harsh chemicals in my processes nor machinery to any extent. I am the machine! Occasionally you will find sparkly yarns scattered through my scarves to add a little more fun. And these I will have picked up from charity shops as odd balls of yarn. Every item, be it a scarf, earrings or other items including pictures and Fleece rugs (Florries), is completely unique.

A lot of the detail in my work is created by fine blending of many colours and hues (many from my own plant dye pots) and then letting the fibres themselves speak. I use a range of techniques in creating the finished articles, some more traditional than others.

Shipping policy

Items are sent via Royal Mail 1st class post and International standard. Items will be sent within 3-5 days. The delivery cost is per item for this seller.

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