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Hi, I’m Hermione, from the Isle of Skye. I live in the crofting township of Glasnakille, a neighbour to the very picturesque Elgol. Our home, and my studio, looks out over the sea lochs of Eishort and Slappin where I watch an abundance of bird and boat life.

I have been beach combing since my childhood on Orkney, an activity I still love today. Over the years I have amassed a huge collection of escaped fishing floats and for over 20 years have been painting them with designs inspired by my island surroundings.

I have painted a lot of Scotland’s fishing fleet, from creel boats to super trawlers. I also love our native birds, my personal favourite the gannet but you will see all sorts appear on my floats, along with lighthouses (another obsession!) and our wild flowers, which never fail to inspire me.

Each float is hand painted by me, so they are unique. Often the floats are scratched and gouged by their previous life at sea, so once collected and cleaned, I paint, preferring not to smooth out any indentations, I feel it adds character, or keeps it. The high school I attended had the foresight to teach us seamanship so all the rope work is my own too.

Our family of daughters have grown up, travelled and returned to their island home, providing us with grandchildren who just love to help in grannies painting room! My idea of having loads more time to paint hasn’t yet materialised, but every minute I get I love.

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Exquisite piece of art. So much detail and of a very high quality. Well packaged and arrived very quickly.
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