Crafty Lochs

Hi. I’m Phil, and I live in Moray.

Hailing from the North Yorkshire coast, the sea has always played a major role in my life. It was strange then that it was only after moving around the UK and returning to the coast of my native county that I learned the skills that led me to this moment.

A love of Celtic music and whisky made for a solid friendship with a neighbour who subsequently taught me how to make lobster creel pots the traditional way, complete with wooden bases. I’d inherited a metal-framed monstrosity from the owner of a previous house who’d kept it as a garden feature and realised that having a much lighter and colourful version was entirely possible.

All pots are made with reclaimed pallet wood otherwise destined for disposal. Robust MDPE piping boughs allow a frame for twine to be hand-braided across the entire pot, including the narrowing chute which acts as a capture point for the lobster in the sea…..but as an ideal plant pot or hanging plant holder in the garden.

The bases are sanded and then painted in a variety of colours or designs. Bespoke designs available by arrangement. Pots can take around six weeks depending the complexity of the design.

Making pots inspired me to be more confident in attempting to bring other craft ideas to life and a move to the Highlands allowed my wife and I to pursue these ideas with Crafty Lochs the result.

Shipping policy

This seller dispatches items in 3-5 days and sent via courier. Postage costs are per item with this seller. NB. These items are not available for sale outside of the UK.

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