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Hi, I'm Ruth. I moved to the West Coast of Scotland in my teens and have lived here most of my adult life, home is the Isle of Skye. I love having lots of candles lit and making candles was a hobby but when my asthma flared up I needed a candle that I could light that wouldn't irritate my breathing. Having made soy candles in the past I decided to switch to beeswax as I wanted an all-natural candle with healthy properties.

Beeswax being the most natural of waxes and the most environmentally friendly with beneficial health properties was simply the best choice. I love all things bee related and holistic, so it was a natural fit. It’s wonderful that I can now burn beeswax candles with no ill effects or irritation to my breathing or sinuses. I use only raw Scottish beeswax with the bulk of the wax coming from an award-winning Honey Farm in Perthshire. I filter the large raw wax blocks several times to get the impurities out before the final candle pour, which I do in small batches. When I’m making candles with beeswax the lovely honey aroma fills the air and if the door is open it attracts the occasional friendly bee who comes to check out what I'm doing.

Although I started making the candles just for myself and gifts for family and friends, it’s been a natural growth from craft fairs to now selling online. I hope you enjoy my shop.

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