Teddy Pebbles


Pebbles is such a sweet and traditional little Teddy, completely handmade with Merino wool, he has a cozy scarf and hat to keep him warm...

He has been needle felted which is a process that takes many hours. Needle felting is a craft that involves repeatedly stabbing a fine barbed needle into a piece of wool which knots the fibres together in order to stiffen and shape it into a desired form.

Pebbles measures 8 cm from head to toe, 6 cm tall in sitting position and 10 cm tall with wooden block. (wooden block has different messages on each side)

(Please note this is not suitable for young children

Size/dimensions: 6 - 10 cm

Shipping details

UK orders should arrive within 3-5 days. International orders will take a lot longer to arrive.
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The apple stone is a beautiful piece of art, 3 dimensional and really realistic. I would buy another one if it was in more greens but don't see an option for that.
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