Felted Barn Owl on Driftwood


This realistic sculpture of a Barn Owl has been made with the finest Merino wool and has been hand felted with a single very fine pointed barbed needle, it takes countless hours of stabbing to make the wool compress and shape it into the finished Owl. Each feather has been hand made, hand painted and then some are cut many times to resemble the lesser covert feathers on the wings. The claws and beak are made from Sculpey Clay and its eyes are glass. It measures 19 cm in length and 16 cm in height and 26cm tall including the driftwood. Weighs 344g.

Please note that this is a sculpture and not suitable for young children.

Size/dimensions: 19 cm in length and 16 cm in height and 26 cm tall including the driftwood

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The apple stone is a beautiful piece of art, 3 dimensional and really realistic. I would buy another one if it was in more greens but don't see an option for that.
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