Bride of the Forest


This sculpture is intended to help people appreciate all animals and how important it is for us to take care of and help our wildlife in some small way, be kind to all creatures!

A truly unique and one of a kind figure sculpted by hand.

Dressed in a beautiful ivory gown made with pure silk and vintage lace, over her gown she wears a cloak made of silk and edged with ivory coloured fur and she wears a beautiful headdress hand made with polymer clay flowers painted and shaded with acrylic paints.

She is made from a mixture of polymer clays and is painted with acrylic paints, her eyes are so realistic and are made from glass. The Teeswater breed of sheep produce the lustrous locks for her hair. She has in internal wire armature for added support and strength. She measures 51 cm height with the length from the front of dress to the back of her cloak 36 cm.

The Owl has been needle felted with blended colours of merino wool to give shade and depth, each feather handmade and painted for a realistic appearance, it has glass eyes and polymer clay beak and measures just over 12 cm.

Please note that this sculpture is a collectors item and unsuitable for children due to small parts

Size/dimensions: 51 cm tall

Shipping details

UK orders should arrive within 3-5 days. International orders will take considerably longer.
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The apple stone is a beautiful piece of art, 3 dimensional and really realistic. I would buy another one if it was in more greens but don't see an option for that.
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